One of the goals of The ProteInn Club is to disseminate knowledge and to create opportunities for discussion. The 1st of December we had the honour to host five experts about “Regulation and risk assessment explained: The use of production microorganisms in the agri-food chain”. The topic of the seminar was chosen based on the priority challenges formulated by the Industrial Sounding Board.

We recorded this seminar. Handouts, recordings and coordinates of the experts can be shared on requested. Contact


  • Regulatory hurdles in using precision fermentation in Europe and USA – Hannah Lester, Amgen Consulting
  • Novel food in Europe – Isabelle Laquiere, FOD Volksgezondheid Belgium
  • A wide range of aspects explained – Lieve Herman, EFSA
    • Microbiological/molecular risk assessment at EFSA with emphasis on feed and food additive applications
    • Whole Genome Sequence as the basis of the assessment
    • QPS to be handled in risk assessment
    • Overview of relevant guidance documents/statements available from EFSA
  • Toxicological risk assessment of food enzymes produced by microorganisms – Alicja Mortensen, The National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE)
  • Environmental risk assessment – Boet Glandorf, The Netherlands, RIVM