The ProteInn Club facilitates innovations and accelerates the further development of a really unique fermentation-based protein ecosystem. We bring together all actors to contribute to a more sustainable food system and circular bio-economy.

Share with us your insights, offers, ambitions, questions or needs and bring your expertise to our enlightening demonstrations and innovative workshops.


In the shift towards more sustainable proteins, the interest in alternative, fermentation-based proteins is growing massively. The ProteInn Club provides knowledge and answers to those who want to grab opportunities and tackle the challenges of this transition. The ProteInn Club is a successful collaboration between Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, UGent, CAPTURE and Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture Fisheries and Food (ILVO) and identifies, connects, support and inspires the entire value chain.

Creating and fostering an ecosystem

For the production, consumption and application of fermentation-based proteins

Connecting partners

Along the value chain and along the innovation chain

Raising awareness on fermentation-derived proteins

As a part of the transition to a circular bio-economy and sustainable food system

Facilitating innovation and demonstration

Related to fermentation-derived proteins

We believe fermentation-derived proteins will be an essential element of the transition towards a circular bio-economy and sustainable food system

The ProteInn Club

Fermentation-derived proteins

Fermentation-derived proteins are proteins produced by microbial fermentation processes. Both biomass-fermentation (‘single-cell-protein’) as well as precision-fermentation are within the scope of The ProteInn Club

A huge potential

We believe fermentation-based proteins can play a significant role in the transition away from animal-based proteins. Fermentation-based proteins provide huge market potential together with significant benefits in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use and resource-efficiency.

Our ecosystem

Our ecosystem combines the presence of raw materials providers, fermentation technology providers, end-users, governments working on the protein transition, excellent knowledge institutes and world-class infrastructure for research and demonstration.

The ProteInn Club

The ProteInn club wants to grab the opportunities for the further development of this unique fermentation-derived proteins ecosystem and contribute to a circular bio-economy!