The ProteInn Club at the main stage of FTI Ghent, the place to be for innovation in biotech and health. For an uncommon show! Charming feedstock providers and ambitious protein producers were hunting for their ideal ❤️ not-so-BLIND DATE!

Wim Soetaert took us along the fascinating world of microbial protein and innovative chain formation, where collaboration is key. At The ProteInn Club it’s all about matching common goals and initiating collaboration. And then the show began!

ArcelorMittal and Cargill were seeking their perfect match. Avecom, Biothalys, NovelYest, and Paleo showcased their unique qualities and battled to the finish. BioLynx, Naplasol, and Bolder Foods shared all about their latest innovation-dating experiences!

Ingeborg definitely brought love in the air! Loads of love… as companies did not pick óne date, but joined all together The ProteInn Club to explore more business opportunities.

It was also heartwarming to hear the 💪 love story of 3 member companies that are already dating for several years now!

Thanks to Flanders Technology & Innovation for organising the event. Big thank you to Ingeborg and all the companies!