On Friday 16th September, exactly one year after breaking ground, food tech company ENOUGH celebrates the completion of the construction phase of one of the world’s largest protein facilities.

Read more about the cooperation with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.

Producing vast quantities of delicious, nutritious and SUSTAINABLE protein is one of the most urgent global priorities.

With initial capacity to produce 10,000 tonnes (22 million pounds) per annum from Q4 2022, the 15,000 square metre (160,000 square feet) facility is co-located alongside the Cargill facility in Sas van Gent in the Netherlands.  The location and collaboration with Cargill ensures the most efficient feed source and supports the zero-waste advantages of ENOUGH’s product, ABUNDA® mycoprotein. ENOUGH’s plans target 60,000 tonnes of capacity by 2027, equivalent to growing one cow’s worth of protein every two minutes.

This is wholly aligned with the development of the Circular Economy and the new facility has been supported by the circular Bio Based Europe Joint Undertaking CBE JU with receipt of €16.9 million of EU funding as part of project Plenitude which involves partners from the full value chain.