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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Enough
The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant successfully scaled-up, to 15m3 scale, the 3FBIO technology (rebranded as Enough) to convert starch into mycoprotein, traded as ABUNDA®. ABUNDA® is a high quality source of protein and fibre, which as a complete food meets the global need of feeding a growing population in a sustainable manner. The resulting data recently led to investments, including a €17 million support by the European Commission in the form of the PLENITUDE flagship, for the construction of first-of-its-kind integrated bio-based protein biorefinery at Cargill biorefinery in Sas van Gent in North Sea Port. The new production plant will produce 50.000 ton of high-quality protein. The construction started in September 2021 and the plant will be operational in 2022.
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