The Bio-economy Working Agenda is organising (in Dutch) the meeting ‘Bio-economy: from ambition to action’ on 28 March 2023 to bring together partners for new actions.

The agenda includes three parts highlighting the broad future potential of the bio-economy. We will give you a view of the top research, interact around fulfilling the Flemish ambition and hear what students have come up with as a new biobased product or process within the Belgian competition of the Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe.

The bioeconomy is an essential part of the sustainable circular Flemish economy and can make a substantial contribution to the greening of the economy. A Flemish bioeconomy can reduce international dependence, make our local economy more resilient and provide opportunities for SMEs in the agricultural and agri-food sectors. 

A circular Flanders is a joint priority of our Flemish ministers, Economy and Innovation Minister Jo Brouns and Environment Minister Zuhal Demir.

Program (in Dutch)

9u00 Ontvangst en registratie

A) Wat kunnen we in Vlaanderen? Het toekomstpotentieel van Vlaams toponderzoek. 10u00 – 11u45

11u45 – 13u00 Lunchmoment en netwerking. Tijdens de lunch wordt de mogelijkheid voorzien om in kleine groepen de site van Transfarm begeleid te bezoeken.

B) Wat willen we in Vlaanderen ? Is er een consensus voor een gedragen visie voor de Vlaamse bio-economie? 13u00 – 16u00

C) Ideeën voor de toekomst. Finale van de Belgian competition of the Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E). 16u00 – 17u00

More info and registration: Bio-economie: van ambitie naar actie – Detail – Vlaanderen Circulair (